Catholic Bishop charges to work together

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo, says that Nigerians will have the country of their dream when they work together in unity.

The Prelate gave the advice on Tuesday, October 1, 2019, to Nigerians as they celebrated the country’s 59th independence anniversary.

He said that they would achieve the desired goals of unity in diversity if they did so not minding their religious or ethnic affiliations.

Bishop Badejo also implored Nigerians to make accountability and the fear of God their watchwords in all their endeavours.

The Bishop, in a statement made available to the press, said that self-discipline and respect for the rule of law would also usher in true freedom and independence for them.

According to him, true development would be achieved when selfishness, greed, corruption and hypocrisy were gotten rid of.

He said that with true development in the country, able-bodied Nigerians would not be seeking greener pastures in other countries where they would be treated as second-class citizens.

“When everything is in place, no one will want to escape to other lands. No one wishes to be independent from a good life of justice, security and peace.

“The Independence of Nigeria is a work in progress and as a geographical entity, Nigeria has never been in bondage.

“We are not there yet but we can have Nigeria of our dream by working together,” he said.

Bishop Badejo also said that the idea of independence was turning to an illusion because Nigeria, like every other place in Africa, had always been free.

“Colonialists came to this land and left at different times in history. It is the people within this geographical area who claimed to have become free 59 years ago.

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