Diocesan CMO Celebrates 2019 Feast of St. Joseph the Worker in Style.

Diocesan CMO Celebrates 2019 Feast of St. Joseph the Worker in Style.

Fathers of the Church, under the auspices of Catholic Men Organization, (C.M.O) Port Harcourt Diocese, were at the Corpus Et Sanguis Christi Cathedral, D Line, Port Harcourt, on Sunday, May 12, 2019, to celebrate the joy of fatherhood.

In his homily at the Mass, the Bishop of Port Harcourt, Most Rev. C. A. Etokudoh, charged the men on the importance of being good shepherds wherever they are.

The shepherding he said, must be both in words and action, so that mutual understanding will exist between the sheep and the shepherd.

Bishop Etokudoh congratulated the men on their celebration and appreciated their support and active participation during the planning and the consecration of the Auxiliary Bishop, Most Rev. Patrick Eluke.

He also commended them on their mode of administration and mature coordination of affairs.

The Diocesan President, Sir Hon. Minawari Diepiriye KSJI in his address reminded the men of the compliment given to St. Joseph the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and urged them to emulate those virtues that earned him the title; “a just man”.

“The just man Joseph was simple, joyful and wholeheartedly obeyed God in marrying Mary”, he said.

He charged themon the need to demonstrate their love for Christ, for the family and humanity just as they have done by awarding some selected men and a woman for their humanitarian works and as they would have fund raising for a 32-seater bus for evangelization.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman of the occasion, Engr. Nnamdi Azike KSM, congratulated the men and said that the essence of the award presentation was to recall the good deeds someone has done that should not be taken for granted. He gave analogy of some Biblical personalities that God awarded with blessings that are humanly impossible.

In his vote of thanks, the Chairman of the feast Planning Committee, Mr. Christopher Bakare (KSM), thanked God for the inspiration, wisdom, good health and ability to plan the ocasion. He also thanked all for participating actively in the programmes, the Bishop and the Priests that assisted them in the course of the activities to make 2019 feast a success, and the CMO for giving them the free hand to serve the men and the Church.

As part of the activities to mark the feast, the men had Rally/Road show on Thursday, May 1, from Mater Misericordiae Parish to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chaplaincy, CIWA, Port Harcourt.

Highlight of the day was the presentation of four categories of award to a Priest and some distinguished men and a woman. There was also award of Patron to Sir Francis Inyang, KSM.

The highpoint was fund raising for a 32-seater bus.

The thanksgiving Mass which has the Bishop as the Chief Celebrant was concelebrated by the Diocesan Chaplain of CMO, Rev. Fr. Sixtus Chikwe and the Cathedral Administrator, Rev. Fr. Paul Okeregwu.

The Diocesan President of the CWO, Dr. Lady Chikanele Asuru, and the Laity Council President, Sir Cyril Osere were among dignitaries that graced the occasion.

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